World Series Game Advice

Hey Everyone, I am headed out to Arlington for game 3 of the World Series.  I am sitting above the Rangers Bullpen in Right Field.  Does anyone have any suggestions on who to ask on the Rangers or Giants to get balls from? Also does anyone know what I could do to get a baseball with the World Series Logo on it? 

Thank You for the advice,




  1. gmoney91

    I’m in the same predicament as you are!

    I’m going to be at Games 3 & 4 and really would like to get a commemorative 2010 World Series ball too. Good luck with getting it and I don’t really have any tips but I do know that during the ALDS and ALCS that the Rangers and the opposing teams were frequently throwing baseballs into the crowd (well, more than the regular season that is.) I don’t know if you were there or not and saw that.

    Either way good luck and hopefully we’ll both succeed in getting baseballs. I can’t wait for the games.

    Go Rangers!

  2. baseballtalkinandsnaggin

    Dear gmoney91, are you a season ticket holder for the Rangers and if you are do they still have a season ticket holder only entrence that opens 2+ hours before the game. If you are, do they let you bring guests in still

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