Baseball Vacation

Hey everyone, I will be attending the Baltimore Orioles game tomorrow at Camden yards. I am writing this post to ask for any advice on the stadium as far as ballhawking is concerned. Also, does anyone know of any good restaurants to eat at around Baltimore. I will try to blog about the Houston trip as soon as possible. I will be at the National Baseball Hall of Fame on Tuesday and then will be at Nationals Park on Friday to finish out the trip. Let me know if any of y’all will be at any of these games. Can’t wait to meet y’all and as always happy ballhawking, J.B.

Mets Vs. Nationals 3/10/2011

Today was an interesting day.  Today I attended my first Spring Training game.  The game was actually very interesting.  As far as ballhawking goes I managed to snag a total of six baseballs.  The weather was horrible today and my parents and I were not sure if the game was going to even be played.

However, as we drove up to Space Coast Stadium I became excited when the Nationals said the game would be played.  Although their was no batting practice, I managed to snag six baseballs.  I tried my best to get a ball before the game, but I was out of luck.  None of the players were throwing their baseballs into the crowd, but once the game started I was on fire.

During the game I got one baseball tossed to me by a Mets player( All I know is that he plays Right Field.  I do not believe that he was a starter last year.)  This happened during the bottom of the 1st.  During the bottom of the 2nd and 3rd, I recieved 2 more balls from the Nationals bullpen coach.  The 4th ball came during the 5th inning from the bullpen coach once again.  (This guy is really nice!)  The 5th and 6th balls came from the Nationals Bat Boy at the end of the game.  I gave these two away to children who did have gloves after the game.

Finally, a couple months ago, I bought Stephen Strasburg’s locker room name plate and game-worn socks from his Triple AAA debut and career.  I will be trying to get him to sign these items.  Also, on Saturday, when the Nationals play the Yankees I will be ATTEMPTING to get Derek Jeter and A Rod to sign their warm up ball from befor game 2 of the ALCS.  Wish me luck.  I will try and keep y’all posted on my progress.

By the way, J.B. 6 Nets 6 and Mets 5

Thank You for reading,

J.B. McCracken

World Series Game Advice

Hey Everyone, I am headed out to Arlington for game 3 of the World Series.  I am sitting above the Rangers Bullpen in Right Field.  Does anyone have any suggestions on who to ask on the Rangers or Giants to get balls from? Also does anyone know what I could do to get a baseball with the World Series Logo on it? 

Thank You for the advice,


The Rangers Are Going To The World Series!!!!

I cannot believe this is happening.  For the FIRST time in franchise history the Rangers are going to the World Series.  The Rangers just dominated the Yankees in all phases of the game.  It is going to be a great series between the Giants and the Rangers.  It should be a matchup of great hitting and pitching.  If the Rangers can rough up the Giants pitching like they did to the Yankees, then they should win this thing.  But the Giants have great pitching also.  I am looking forward to watching a World Series go to sevean games for the first time in a long time.  My Prediction: Texas Rangers in 7 games.


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Bobby Cox Says Goodbye

On Monday night, we saw the end of possibly one of the greatest managerial careers ever.  The Braves gave it all they could, but in the end they lost.  Bobby was given a standing ovation at the end of the game.  I do not think the ovation would have ment as much if it had taken place in San Francisco.  Bobby Cox will finish his career having won 1 World Series, 15 consecitive Division Titiles till 2005, and having been edjected the most times in MLB history.  Thank You for the memories Mr. Cox.  Thank You for what you did for the game of baseball. We are sad to see you go and you will be missed.

Yankees Dominate

The Yankees have dominated the Twins in this series in all aspects of the game in this series.  However, they will facew a much better opponent in the Rangers in the ALCS.  I hope we will get to see a Championship Series go to 7 games.  I also hope we get to see a World Series that goes to 7 games.  The Twins are a great team and will be even better next year.  MLB needs to expand the use of replay and how many teams it lets into the playoffs.  The NBA lets 16 teams in and the NFL in 12.  So why can’t MLB let in more????

Phillies Win!!!!!

I cannot believe the philies won.  Roy Oswalt did an excellent job tonight.  I do not think the Reds will be able to come back from a 2-0 series lead by the Phillies, but we will have to see what happens when the series moves to Cincy.  I am sure the game will be wild there.  The Reds are a young team and haven’t been to the playoffs since 1995.  I personally think this series will end on Sunday, but we will have to wait and see.

My First Entry

Hi everyone! My name is J.B. and this is my blog.  On this blog we will talk about all things baseball and Ballhawking.  I am an extreme baseball fan.  I am really interested in becoming a ballhawk and how it works.  I will blog about all my baseball related experiences.  I was hopeing to get some tips on ballhawking from all the experts out their.  Thank You for reading, J.B.